Security Blankets

Lovies, blankies, binkies…


Most children have that one item that makes them comfortable when they are falling asleep or sick in bed.  They clutch it when they are anxious or nervous.  They hug it tight when they are sad.  My son has a special little stuffed animal (that is two years older than he is) and he takes it everywhere.  Still.  At six years old.  Pony has been attached to my son since his birth.  He stayed in NICU with WA for two weeks.  When he was old enough to clutch and crawl, Pony went with him.  When he started to toddle, Pony was dragged everywhere from Washington D.C. to Florida to Georgia and on to South Carolina.  Pony is well traveled.  He has gone everywhere.  He has seen the beaches of Sanibel and Captiva and Hitlon Head Island.  He has been through Appalachia and beyond.  He has seen the inside of countless airports.  Pony has been saturated in vomit,saliva and streptococcus.  He has been immersed in apple juice and milk and formula.  Pony is nasty.  We tried to buy a replacement Pony and WA would have nothing to do with the new one.  So we “gifted” it and threw the original in the washer every few weeks.  Pony has a tear in his neck seem.  He is missing one eyeball.  His tag is so ragged from being rubbed by son’s nervous thumb you can’t even read it anymore.  But he is soft and makes my son feel comfortable and secure and for that, Pony is beautiful to me.

I have a security blanket too.  My close girlfriend pointed this out to me.  I just thought it was my favorite shirt.  But at a party I tagged along with her to (in eighties garb) she said kindly, “okay, take off your security blanket, you look great.”  I have a favorite wrap shirt that I wear everywhere, especially to new and unfamiliar places.  It makes me feel confident.  Its got holes in one armpit and is fraying at the edges but it brings me security when I need it.  I wear it everywhere.  Other close friends have noticed my “favorite shirt”.  They giggle a little.  But they know it’s my favorite.  I have to get it repaired because I know I will  never find another one.  It keeps me safe.  At least from my own bad thoughts and anxieties.

As adults, we often don’t think about our security blankets.  But I am willing to bet we all have one.  When my sister is feeling anxious, sad, sick, or some other emotion that is hard on her, she makes our beloved grandmother’s chicken and dumplings.

Do you have a “security blanket” as an adult?



Security Blankets

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